Darling and inventive items new parents will love!

baby socks baby thigh socks made in the USA

  Socklings are 100% USA made thigh-high children's socks that solves the problem for every parent that has ever struggled with children's socks. No more lost socks!

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FootFiles: Socklings Children’s Socks Grow With Baby

With green living becoming more and more popular, parents are on a constant hunt to cut down on unnecessary waste, spending and product production as they raise their kids. Sometimes it’s difficult, but genius companies like Socklings make less-waste living possible.

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Treehugger: Magical socks stay on baby and fit through adulthood

Treehugger Sustainability Made Simple Melissa Breyer (@MelissaBreyer)Living / Sustainable Fashion December 12, 2016  

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The Mom of the Year

We got our first pair of @socklingssocks and my daughter is over the moon with how #comfortable they are! #sock #ad  

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PARSIMONIOUS PASH Presents: Holiday Gift Guide 2016 - Infant Gifts

4. Socklings

I think most new parents would agree that they hate diaper changes with babies because there is so much clothing that has to be removed just to change their child’s diapers.  That is why I think Socklings make a great present because these socks aren’t like other socks.  These socks are long and stretch up to your child’s hips.  This means that when the kids are at home  you can easily just put them in a onsie without fear of their little legs getting chilly.

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